Project Description

Project Brief

This project was taken over as a rescue project form the initial developers. The problem they face was that they needed their website to be more search engine friendly for marketing and to separate the three brand (there were three at the time) into separate websites that interlinked. Once this was accomplished we did custom plugin development to make it possible for the website administrator to update the custom theme from the previous developer without needing a developer to do it for her.

Key Project Features

  • Started with an existing website on the WordPress framework and broke it apart into three distinctly branded websites on different subdomains.

  • Custom WordPress plugin development to create a plugin that allowed an administrator to add new affiliate business to website through the backend administrative screens.

  • Advised on proper way to set up a website for optimal search engine optimization.

  • Facilitated the transfer of a web property to the new owner’s servers when a portion of the business was sold.

Technology Used