Project Description

Project Brief

My Restoration Leads (MRL) was a start-up company that provided water damage and mold remediation leads to contractors. The leads were provided via phone call generated from a network of websites controlled by MRL that ranked for keywords in the search engines. The phone calls needed to be routed to the correct contractor based on the geographical U.S. county the contractor was subscribed to and recorded so internal staff could review calls to determine if it was a billable lead.

The Challenge

Build an online store where contractors could purchase the rights to a county in the U.S. Any leads generated in that county was routed to that customers phone number.

Build a network of SEO optimized websites that had an individual page for every city in the United States which was roughly 18,000 cities. Have the ability to determine the county a phone call was generated from on any of the sites and route that call to the contractor that was subscribed to that county. We also had to launch 3-5 of these websites every week.

Build a backend system where internal staff could review the recorded call to determine of the lead phone call that was generated met the billable requirements as well as manage all the customers.

Automate the invoicing process for each customer.

Key Application Features

  • Contractors would purchase the rights to a county in the United States from an online store. Once those rights were purchased all the phone calls from the network of websites were forwarded to that contractor.

  • Built in-house website building software that utilized the WordPress framework to generate 18K page websites with a landing page for every city in the United States that had a population over a user defined threshold.

  • When a phone call came from the site the call would prompt the caller for their zip code and was able to match that to the contractor with the rights to that county and would forward the call to that contractor regardless of which of the sites from the network of over 200 websites the call originated from.

  • The software recorded each call.

  • When an inbound call was in progress the software scanned the MRL database for contractors that had the rights to the county, if none existed it would call out to other services and query their database looking for contractors. If a match was found the call was forwarded to the other company and a commission on the call was collected.

  • Internal staff was able to review recorded calls to make sure they met the criteria to be billed and mark them as such.

  • Billing and payment collection to contractors was automated and tracked with Freshbooks.

Technology Used