Project Description

Project Brief

Munilogic eGov is the cloud based module of the core Munilogic municipal software management system. Munilogic eGov allows municipal governments to modernize and offer permitting and licenses services online so the general population can access the services from home which streamlines the service, reduces paperwork and reduces foot traffic to the municipality.

The Challenge

When we took on this project it was behind schedule with the first customer expecting working software within a short period of time.

We had to rethink part of the tech stack and quickly create working prototypes that kept the customer interested in the concept and willing delay launch with the new ideas. We were able to hit tight deadlines and eventually launch working software and keep the client on board.

Key Application Features

  • Allows municipal governments to offer permit and license applications online and accept payments online reducing foot traffic.

  • Contractor/resident portal where residents of the municipality can keep track of their licenses and permits as well as renew licenses and pay for these services.

  • Municipality staff has access to an individual user portal that has a task queue where all important tasks/items that need their attention will be located.

  • Create custom workflows where multiple municipal staff can review an application before it is approved. This is a flexible process that will suite the needs of the varying ways municipalities handle permit/license application submissions and reviews.

  • Create departments and assign users to the departments.

  • Create roles and add permissions on a per user basis.

  • Keep track of all transactions and payments.

  • Syncs with Munilogic core system to generate reports.

  • Issue permits from the Munilogic core and the eGov application.

  • Schedule inspections for permits.

  • Scheduling has three different options allowing the municipality to allow residents and contractors to schedule their own inspection date and time, allow the resident or contractor to request an inspection and the municipality will do the scheduling or the municipality handles the entire process.

  • A smart scheduling calendar keeps track of inspection length and the inspectors schedule so that an inspector cannot be double booked and inspections will be optimized for the inspector’s time.

Technology Used

“Ryan was instrumental in all aspects of design and development. He has a unique ability to process complex workflows and other design elements. Many design aspects were primitive and Ryan was able to logically break-down all aspects of the process and data structure. All while maintaining the proper architecture for a comfortable user experience.”
Matthew Garber, Carroll Engineering