Requirement Gathering

Getting to Know You and Your Project

The whole process starts with a simple conversation so we can get to know you, your needs and what you have in mind for your project.

This getting to know each other phase helps us determine if we are the right fit for you, so that you ultimately end up with the finished product that matches your vision and satisfies your business needs.

We’ll simply have a conversation on the phone, on Skype or in person and determine exactly what your needs are and help you better understand what it takes to get there.

Requirement Gathering

Business Analysis

You’ve decided that we are a good fit and to move forward on your software project!

The next step is an in-depth business analysis of exactly how your business works and how the software is going to help you solve your business needs. This is the foundation of all the other steps in the process and will help us outline problems, opportunities and solutions for your business; as well as create the budget and forecast for the project.

Depending on the complexity of your industry this may take several sessions to get started and is something that will be ongoing throughout the project.

Requirement Gathering

Business Analysis Continued…

Once you’re satisfied that there is total and complete understanding of…

  • What your software needs to do, how your software is going to do that and all the stake holders are on the same page
  • A ubiquitous language has been developed so that everyone is speaking “the same language” when talking about the software
  • All the analysis documentation makes sense to you and everyone involved in the project

it’s time to move onto the next phase of development.

Mock-up, Design & Review

The Wireframe

In this phase we’ll work together to create a visual representation of how your software will work, which screens are needed, what data is displayed on each page and what inputs are required.

The wireframe will be a rough “sketch” of the software and is the foundation of the final design. It’s easy to make changes at this stage and we’ll go back and forth making adjustments until you’re satisfied with how the final version of your software is going to work.

Mock-up, Design & Review

The Mock-up

This is the stage where things start to get exciting!

We’ll create a mock-up of all the necessary screens of your application as it will look when complete (although nothing is set in stone).

You’ll get to see how the software is going to look when finished and make any change requests to suite your preference.

Once you’re absolutely in love the the color, layout, user flow, etc. it’s time to get serious and start building your actual software.

Iterative Development

The First Iteration

This is where your software starts to come to life.

During the Mock-up, Design and Review phase we’ve been working hard behind the scenes figuring how the technical details of how to start coding your software.

You’ll become part of an iterative development process based on Agile development methodologies. What this means is that we’ll build working features of your software one piece at a time and present them to you for review at the end of each iteration.

Iterative Development

Iterative Development Continues…

At the end of the first iteration you might have a working login system, a completed home screen and a partially completed feature.

The processes of iterative development will continue until you have fully working stable software.

At the end of each iteration we’ll review what’s working with you, what we’ve learned, and talk to you about any changes that might need to take place based on what was learned in the last iteration.

Iterative Development

The Launch

Eventually your software will have gone through enough iterations and testing to be considered stable and ready for launch.

This will be an exciting day for you!

You’ve already been “using” the software after each iteration and are ready to unleash your custom, state-of-the-art software into your business and begin to become more effective, efficient and happier about your day to day work because you’ve made a good decision to modernize your business workflow.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Project Maintenance & Bug Fixing

An unfortunate reality of software… is that any software system of a sufficient size and complexity will have bugs.

At the time of launch most of the obvious bugs have been worked out, but people will use your software in ways that it was not intended for and obscure bugs will eventually raise their ugly heads.

It’s important that you have ongoing support to fix any issues that may arise and keep your software functioning in a stable and healthy manner.