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“Who Else Wants to Make More Money Online?”

Why Almost Everyone is Dead Wrong About How to Make Money Online, Including How to Design Websites, Generate Traffic, and Sell to Visitors

It’s not a secret that people shop around online. There are 10 -15 results on a Google search page. You can easily visit every one of them in about 2 min.

It’s easy.

Just the click of the mouse—the back button—another click of the mouse.

This is how people use the internet. In fact, the only advertising media that is more crowded than the internet is the Yellow Pages – and I’m not even going to get into that.

Simply stated, you have to find a way to stand out from the clutter. You only have about a second to grab their attention. This is the point that good design is a critical element of your website. You win or lose them in that first second. Sure they may look around your site a little. But they have already made up their mind about your website and your business. This is what they are thinking:

“I can always come back to this one.”

This is the worst thing they can think. Your business is now an expendable commodity on the internet. All you mean to them is that you’re worth checking out again IF they can’t find something better.

Remember how easy it is to search online. If your website sucks— they WILL find something better. Once they leave your site they are never coming back. According to Google 96% of website visitors that leave a site never return. That’s not very good odds considering you only have once change for one second to grab their attention and never let go. Professional modern web design seduces your viewers to drop their guards and become receptive to your message.

That’s right Great design is just the beginning

It has the ability to grab your users’ attention but it can’t hold on very long. Most people online- especially on your business site—are looking for something and one thing they will not allow you to do is waste their time.

You grabbed their attention with your design now you have to reel them in with your message. If all you’re telling them in your message is all about YOUR business— you’re screwed. They don’t give a crap about your business and you’ll lose them faster than…

Your message needs to be compelling and talk about what your business can do for them. This is the ONLY way to get them to take action. You need do it right.

They need to believe that your service is the only answer to their problem

It’s not enough to talk about how great your business is—everyone does that.

It’s not enough that you have been in business 15 years—there is always someone who has been in business longer just a few mouse clicks away.

Nobody is going to buy your service because you put a picture of yourself on the home page of your site.

People will buy from you because you have to enter the conversation that is already going on inside their head about their problems and needs.

Your copy must be so compelling that your competition becomes obsolete— your visitor has found what they are looking for and you are it! They like you and trust you. They are so excited about what you have to offer they can’t wait to take action.

You have just captured a highly qualified lead

Now, imagine this happening over and over and over again all on autopilot without any input from you. A lead generation system dropping hot prospects—practically begging for your service—right in your lap.

No, this is not a fantasy situation. This is really what the internet has to offer. Your website acts as a virtual salesman 24 hours a day. Every day. When you do it right you will have a steady, reliable, predictable flow of leads.

But there’s still one more piece to this puzzle. You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you? If you build it they will come only happens in Kevin Costner movies.

You can have attention grabbing design and persuasive copy but if nobody sees it— it’s worthless. Let’s face it, a website all on its own does not have much value.

The best way to find local, qualified leads interested in your service is from Google.

It’s no secret that when people need a service and are looking for a business—they use the internet

Think about it… the last time you needed to find a business—where did you look? The Yellow Pages? I didn’t think so. You used a search engine online. How do you think people in need of your service are looking?

If your business cannot be found online you are leaving money on the table.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

How do you get your website ranked on Google?

Well, that’s complicated stuff. It involves link building and all sorts of things that should be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

You could do it yourself but you’d spend your days writing articles and filling out online profiles on websites. You need to know about HTML to have the proper anchor text. And if you don’t know what I mean in that last sentence— optimizing a website for search engines is not something you should be doing on your own.

But that’s okay. You are a smart business person and know you should be spending your time working on your core competencies in your business and let others handle things like search engine optimization.

It’s important to know that getting #1 rankings on Google is the first step to an abundance of leads that consistently and predictably flow into your business.

Now is the time to start thinking about building a web presence. And you already know you can’t do it on your own. The time investment on your part would just not be worth it.

It’s also a tough decision if you want to make the financial investment in your business

Will you be able to compete in the online space? Does online marketing even work for your type of business? The answer to both these questions is YES! You just have to do it right.

That’s why we want to give you our book “The Shocking Truth About Marketing Your Local Business Online” (written especially for the small business owner) free of charge. But I can’t give it to you unless I know where to send it.

Once you have finished reading your free book—making money online will no longer be an elusive fantasy. You will understand how it’s done, why it works, and what steps you need to take in order to start earning the income you deserve online.

Take a few moments and imagine what a steady, predictable flow of highly qualified leads coming into your business every month—month after month—would mean for you.

Picture how different your business would be… how much faster it could grow if you were free to spend more time doing what you do best and not having to worry about generating new leads.

We cover virtually every area of a lead generation website, including:

  • How your site could actually be turning visitors off to your business and how to fix it
  • 3 key elements every profitable lead generation website must have in order to make money online
  • The most important element of ANY website—based on multiple scientific studies. You don’t want to miss this one!
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You’ll just to experience it for yourself to truly realize the impact the information will have on your business.

It just might make your life richer than ever before.

If you don’t think that this is just the type of information that you need to move forward with your business.

If when you read our book it is not every bit as fantastic as we say it is. Just do nothing and you haven’t lost a thing.

In fact you will have gained. You will have acquired valuable information about websites that actually make money and how online marketing works.

You simply can’t lose.

Won’t you fill out the form below so that we can send you a free copy of our book? Your information is safe with us we will not sell or rent it to anyone! Once you fill out the form you will receive an email from us with a copy of your book.

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